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(Posted January 19 2018) 

CRA will close the efile program for acceptance of returns on January 19, 2018 for updates and system maintenance. They will re-open on February 26. Paper returns for any tax year must be filed during the closure. Unfortunately paper return processing takes 6-8 weeks.

RRSP Deadline
(Posted January 19 2018)

Deadline for RRSP contribution for 2017 is Midnight March 1. (first 60days of the year)
KNOW YOUR LIMIT! The penalty for over contribution is 1% per month. If you are not sure of your limit please call our office and we will find it for you.
April 30 2018 for T1 filing. June 15 2018 for businesses other than corporate ( tax due April 30).

Real Estate Sales
(Posted January 19 2018)

Starting with 2016, ALL real estate transactions must be reported on your personal return including primary residence. You will need the purchase price, date of purchase and the sale price. Although there is no tax consequence on the sale of your primary residence ( if it was not used as rental or had a business operating from it) there is up to a maximum of $8000 penalty for not reporting the sale.

(Posted January 19 2018)

CRA does not phone you and threaten you with jail or deportation. They do not email you tax refunds for deposit into your bank account asking you to supply the account number. If you are unsure of a request from the CRA, please take down the person’s name, phone number and CRA badge id and contact our office.

T4’s T5’s and all income slips
(Posted January 19 2018)

All slips with the exception of the T3 slips are to be issued by the end of February. T3’s are the end of March. Missing a slip will result in a minimum penalty of 20% of the amount missed! Please insure your supply us with all your slips.

CRA has become extremely aggressive in making sure that everyone files there taxes on time. The only time you have to file a tax return is when you owe money or if they have sent you a request to file. The letter will state that you must file with 30 days or face a $1000 to $25000 fine.  If you have gotten a request to file, please contact us as soon as possible so we may help you meet the deadline.
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