(posted Feb 13, 2017)

RRSP Deadline March 1 2017

NEW!!! CRA requires ALL real estate sales in 2016 must be reported on the capital gains schedule. Max $8000 penalty for not reporting. Contact our office for more information.

(posted Aug 31, 2015)

Leduc RCMP has been receiving numerous complaints regarding tax scams. This fraud approach most commonly involves individuals impersonating Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or sometimes RCMP officers.

After posting a request on the Leduc Rep’s Facebook page asking if any Leduc and area residents have received possible scams via phone calls, there were numerous posts, including a number regarding a CRA scam.

“Yes I got the CRA lawsuit call today as well. Also i get a call from fake West Jet and or Air Canada almost daily. Also there’s also the one where they want to lower your interest rates. But for  sure the CRA one is the most scary because you have that doubt in your head until you investigate further,” wrote one user.

“We got one claiming to be Officer So-and-so who says there is a warrant out for us and the CRA has a lawsuit against us. It was a recording.  Scammers just get more and more adorable by the day,” wrote another user.
According to Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre and the complaints received by the Leduc RCMP thus far, there are two variations of the fraud. 

The first variation involves the recipient being told that they have an outstanding refund but in order to receive the money they must provide personal information.

This personal information which includes banking information is then used later to obtain funds from the victim.
In the second variation, the fraudsters try and scam money from individuals or businesses by claiming they owe the CRA money as a result of an audit on their taxes.

A payment must be made immediately to avoid arrest by the RCMP as there is an outstanding warrant. 
In some cases, individuals may face deportation if the payment isn’t received prompt. Payment is usually requested through a money wire or prepaid gift cards.

Neither the CRA nor the RCMP will request personal information from you over the phone or email with respect to banking information.

These agencies will never request a wire transfer or payments with prepaid gift cards. In fact, no reputable company would ask you to make payments that way.

Report any suspicious complaints to the RCMP 780-980-7267 and to the anti-fraud centre by phoning toll free number 1(888) 495-8501.

For more tips on how to protect yourself or to check out the latest fraud scams to protect yourself and your family go to http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca or visit the Canada Revenue Web page at www.cra-arc.gc.ca/ntcs/bwr-eng.html

(posted Feb 15, 2015)

Federal Tax Cut

The federal tax cut - up to $2000 maximum cash back - is in place for 2014 returns. It is applied if you are married or common-law and have under aged children. The tax cut is income based Please contact our office for further explanation.
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