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If you have any tax or real estate concerns or questions, please call during regular business hours at 780-414-5000 or email us if you require any further explanations of the CRA tax guides.

Questions about your return?

Call us and we will be able to explain what has transpired with your return and the reason why and the best part is – what to do about fixing any further issues.

Expert Tax Preparation Services

Our skilled tax advisors assist individuals with personal tax filings, offering guidance on required tax slips and identifying eligible deductions. As dedicated personal tax accountants, we ensure accurate completion of T1 tax returns, applying applicable tax credits to minimize payments.

If you are a small business that has to ensure your financial and tax records are maintained according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations or need representation at a CRA audit, our tax accountants can help you avoid costly mistakes.

Our corporate tax experts streamline tax management, reducing administrative burdens and minimizing errors that could escalate tax exposure. We assess corporate structures for compliance with the latest tax rule changes, optimizing your business’s tax position through accounting services.


All these benefits are taxable. CRA will be issuing EI slips and T4A slips for any amounts received under these programs. When filing your return, please insure to let us know you had received benefits.

Starting a new business?

Use our free consultation service and let us help you establish your new enterprise.
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As your dedicated accountants, we provide the expertise and support needed for sound financial choices, ensuring your business thrives with confidence and precision.

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Private Clients

Private clients

Discover excellence in our Private Client Accounting Services. Our adept team delivers personalized financial solutions, from meticulous tax planning to tailored wealth management. Trust us to optimize your financial well-being, navigating complexities with expertise. Experience confidence and exceed your private financial goals with our dedicated and comprehensive approach.



Our Entrepreneurial Accounting Services, blending financial innovation with business vision. Our dedicated accountants empower entrepreneurs with strategic solutions—from startup guidance to tax optimization—fueling business growth. Partner with us to navigate the financial landscape, ensuring success and financial resilience in your entrepreneurial journey.

Professional Firms

Professional Firms

Explore our Professional Firm Accounting Services, where precision meets expertise. Our seasoned accountants specialize in tailored financial solutions, optimizing tax strategies, ensuring compliance, and providing comprehensive support. Partner with us to streamline financial processes, allowing your professional firm to thrive with confidence and efficiency.