Our skilled tax advisors assist individuals with personal tax filings, offering guidance on required tax slips and identifying eligible deductions. As dedicated personal tax accountants, we ensure accurate completion of T1 tax returns, applying applicable tax credits to minimize payments.


Flying solo? As the sole owner of your unincorporated business, you’re a sole proprietor. If your main income source is this venture, you’re also self-employed. While considered the simplest business structure by the CRA, simplicity takes a turn when taxes enter the picture for sole proprietors. But we can help.


Explore our Partnership Accounting Services, prioritizing collaborative financial success. Our expert accountants offer tailored solutions, navigating complexities with precision. From profit distribution strategies to tax optimization, we ensure seamless financial operations. Partner with us to elevate your partnership’s financial health, allowing you to focus on core business goals with confidence.

Small Business

If you are a small business that has to ensure your financial and tax records are maintained according to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) regulations or need representation at a CRA audit, our tax accountants can help you avoid costly mistakes and a peace of mind when it comes to your organization’s accounting services.


Our corporate tax experts streamline tax management, reducing administrative burdens and minimizing errors that could escalate tax exposure. We assess corporate structures for compliance with the latest tax rule changes, optimizing your business’s tax position through accounting services.


Discover our Bookkeeping Services, where financial precision meets efficiency. Our skilled bookkeepers ensure accurate, organized records, streamlining processes from daily transactions to reconciliations. Partner with us for a clear financial snapshot, informed decision-making, and driving your business forward with confidence.


Explore our Payroll Services—where accuracy meets efficiency in managing workforce financial transactions. Our dedicated team ensures timely payroll processing, tax compliance, and meticulous record-keeping. Streamline operations with us, focusing on business growth while we seamlessly handle the intricacies of payroll management for you.

Need a personalized solution?

Call us and we will be able to explain what has transpired with your return and the reason why and the best part is – what to do about fixing any further issues.